Compassion Arts is a creative arts and education initiative for exploring our connection with all life. Our programs are mission driven, based on a vision for sharing creative artistry and educational works that:

Celebrate our inherent bond with animals and nature, by honoring animals and nature with respect.
Reflect on our relationship with and the treatment of animals and nature in culture and society.
Connect through the arts to a deeper understanding of and compassion for animals and the earth.

We support these goals by providing events, presentations, performances, workshops, creative arts projects, and programs year round, as well as our annual Compassion Arts Festival.

About Us

We are a fledgling creative arts project that is currently all-volunteer. The philosophy for our work is based on the principles of Sacred Economics. Most of our programs through the year are free or “pay what you can”, except for events that are partnered with other organizations in support of their work and the Compassion Arts Festival which benefits a different charitable cause each year.

What We Do & Why The Arts Matter

The arts are the story we tell ourselves about ourselves and the world we live in. The arts matter because the story matters. The arts tell the story of who we think we are, what we think of the world outside ourselves, who we think should be included, and who we want to be. The arts have the power to reframe limited or exploitive narratives and empower the expression of a truer story that includes all.

Compassion Arts is a bridge for expanding the way we see animals, nature, each other, and ourselves. Our projects utilize the arts and creativity as a vessel of connection for embracing nature and honoring animals by (1) celebrating who they are with us, not for us (2) offering new perspectives and examining the duality and responsibility of living within systems that distort, exploit, and devalue other life and (3) supporting the work of creative artists and others who offer a window for exploring our relationship with animals and nature, towards co-creating a world that works for all.